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Is Your Dog Pulling? Jumping Up? Doesn't Seem to Understand 'Come'?

​​​​**Please note: Due to a lack of available training space, Classes are on hold temporarily. We're working on solutions so please check back again soon for updates**

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The Sublime Cat N' Canine certified, experienced, Pet Training Instructors offer the latest in training techniques and methods and a variety of different levels of classes that are both challenging and fun! All courses are designed to improve the communication between dog and owner and provide you with the skills to get the results you are looking for. Our instructors are kind, knowledgeable, and experienced, and they are avid competitors in a number of dog activities. Whether you want the basics for training the family pet, or entering the competition ring, we have the course for you!  Contact us, we CAN help!

Good Dog 101 Training offers a ‘must have’ level of training for ALL dogs, no matter how big or how small.  Course includes the basic commands, manners program, dealing with distractions, and incorporating obedience into every day life.  This course is an excellent progression from puppy training or as a great starting point for training any age dog. This class is suitable for puppies as well as adult dogs. Teaches the skills necessary for a great relationship between dog and owner!
For Dogs 4 months of age and up.  All vaccinations required.  No pre-requisite. NO aggressive dogs please.

  • Tuesdays Instructor: Dawn Dittmann Start Date:  TBA 
  • ​Tuesdays Instructor:Dawn Dittmann Start Date: TBA

Good Dog 201 Training offers the next level in training beyond Good Dog 101 or Puppy Kindergarten.  Course includes a review of the basics and teaches new skills. Focus on proofing commands, control off leash, and correcting handler errors. A great opportunity to polish skills, have fun and get better focus from your dog. Challenging and fun. Pre-requisite: Completed Puppy K or Good Dog 101, or an ability to demonstrate basic skills.
For Dogs over 6 months of age.  All vaccinations required. NO aggressive dogs please.

  • WednesdaysInstructor: Dawn Dittmann Start Date: TBA 
  • Thursdays    Instructor: Dawn Dittmann TBA 

Beginner Agility A fun and informative class that will introduce you and your furry friend to the basics of agility. We'll provide a gentle introduction to the equipment in a fun and stress-free class! The Dog Walk, Tunnel, Jumps, Teeter, A-frame, and Weave Poles are introduced and includes basic handling skills. Great way to burn off energy while strengthening your relationship with your pooch. **warning: highly addictive sport! Good for dogs of all sizes.

For Dogs over 6 months of age. All vaccinations required. No pre-requisite. NO Aggressive dogs please. 

  • Instructor: Julie Smith Start Date:  TBA

Competition Obedience Classes are offered for all levels of CKC or UKC Obedience Trials

  • ThursdaysInstructor: Dawn DittmannStart Date: TBA

Advanced Agility Offers the next step beyond beginner. Practice on Dog Walk, Tunnel, Jumps, Teeter, A-Frame, and Weave Poles. Focus on more advanced handling skills, sequences, and building speed and distance, dealing with distractions and many other skills covered.  A FUN, challenging, and rewarding level of training!
For Dogs over 6 months of age. Vaccinations and Beginner Agility level training required. NO aggressive dogs please. 

  • Instructor: Julie Smith Start Date: TBA
  • Instructor: Julie Smith Start Date: TBA 

​​All group classes are 6 weeks in length, 1 hour each lesson, and are held in our clean, spacious South Edmonton facility. Class sizes are 6 – 10 dogs, and families are welcome to attend. 

Cost for any level $175.00 (We do require payment at the time of registration)

Refund Policy:

Full refund minus a 15 % processing fee 5 business days before the class begins.

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund enrollment fees once class has begun