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Frequently Asked Questions


How old does my dog or cat need to be to attend the facility?

Puppies must be at least 4 months old with 3 sets of vaccinations. Kittens must have had at least 2 sets of vaccinations and it needs to have been 7-10 days after they have had their 2nd set.

Does my pet need to be spayed or neutered to attend the facility ?

We require all dogs to be spay or neutered after 8 months of age. All cats must be spay or neutered after 6 months of age.  We require a FULL spay or neuter to attend; we are unable to accept pets with just a hysterectomy or vasectomy due to hormone influences on the rest of the pack. Please consult your veterinarian for the best options for your pet. We would be happy to welcome your pet back to our facility after they are altered!

Can we tour the facility?

Of course! We encourage all first time guests to take a tour to see our beautiful facilities. If possible, please visit us outside of our busiest times morning drop offs (6:30 am to 9:30 am)/ evening pickups( 3 pm to 6 pm) so that we can spend extra time showing you around( our slowest time is 12 pm to 3 pm).

Does my pet need to have certain vaccinations to attend the facility?

Yes, for their own protection and the protection of all the pets in our care, we require our guests to be current on veterinarian recommended vaccinations and be clear of any contagious diseases. All pets must be in good and stable health. We are unable to accommodate pets with cones, bandages, or that would require us to administer any injected medications (such as insulin, for example)

Required Vaccinations


  • Adults: Rabies and Distemper Combo (DHPP, DHLPP, DA2PP-L, DA2PP-C).
  • Puppies: At least 3 sets of the distemper/parvo combo listed above before attending the facility. Rabies vaccine is not required for puppies under 6 months old. Bordetella (Canine Cough) Vaccine, in addition to a lice/mite prevention (such as “Revolution”) is highly recommended but not required. Please discuss these with your veterinarian.


  • Adults: Feline Combo (FVRCP or FCVR) and Rabies are required,  Feline Leukemia (FeLV) is recommended but not required.
  • Kittens: At least 2 sets of vaccinations. Rabies Vaccine is not required for kittens under 16 weeks old. 

**We will accept titer tests to prove immunity** 

Your veterinarian can provide you with copies of your pet’s records to bring with you at check-in or they can be emailed directly to us at info@sublimecatncanine.ca

I’m going to be late picking my pet up. What do I do?

It happens sometimes… If you’re going to be late picking up your pet, please call us to let us know:

Late pick-ups are subject to the following late charges: Up to 15 minutes late is an extra $10 charge. 15-30 minutes late is an extra $15 charge. After 30 minutes we will assume your pet is staying with us for the night and you will be required to pay our current overnight rate.

My dog is well housetrained. Will attending Daycare mess up housebreaking routines?

Definitely not! We take housetraining seriously and will do our best to air your dog regularly and provide 24 hour access to our spacious outdoor yard so when your dog needs to ‘go’, he can! If he makes a mistake while indoors, we will gently show him where to relieve himself in more appropriate spot by taking him outside for a few minutes.

Do the dogs ever get into fights?
Our staff are specially trained to watch for body language, sounds, and behaviour cues, often resolving a situation before it escalates into anything more than posturing. Because we provide constant supervision, we can often redirect undesirable behaviour. However, occasionally an altercation will occur but it’s broken up as quickly as possible and both dogs are checked over thoroughly. We know our clients well here at Sublime Cat N’ Canine and we are extremely careful to match dogs with others that they get along well with.

Will my dog get injured when attending Daycare?
Probably not. We do our very best to keep your dog safe and happy while in our care and it’s not likely that your dog will get injured. However, dogs play with their teeth and paws and play is not without some risk. Most common injuries are scratches and small cuts. We carefully sort dogs by size, temperament, and style of play. We get to know your dog and his preferences. Dogs that are new to the facility are introduced slowly, and are watched carefully.

Why does my dog seem so thirsty after I pick them up from boarding/daycare?
Every dog who visits Sublime Cat N’ Canine has access to clean, fresh water at all times of the day and night. When your dog is active in daycare it can be a very physical workout! Just like people, the more active they are, the more water they need.

What if my pet becomes ill, gets injured, or requires medical attention while in your care?
All of our staff are trained and certified in Pet First Aid and we will do our best to assess the extent of the problem and let you know. In the event that we believe your pet requires medical attention, we will make every attempt to reach you or your designated emergency contact. In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, we will transport your pet to the Guardian Emergency Veterinary Clinic, located south on 99 street just a couple blocks away from us, and one of our staff will stay with them there until you arrive. You will be responsible for all charges incurred at the veterinary clinic. 

RISKS associated with pack play:
With the reward of having a happy, content, and tired dog at the end of the day comes some small risks. Just like a child’s daycare, dog daycare is a place where the furkids are sharing everything. In the unlikely event that your pet becomes sick, we do ask you share that information with us. By knowing such information we can detect patterns (ie: a bug maybe going around) NICKS & DINGS - Occasionally, these furkids play rough, run like the wind, and frolic with abandon. It is in moments like these that a pad gets scuffed, an ear nipped or some body part scratched. We make every effort to keep nicks and dings from happening, and we will report all occurrences to you.

What do you do to prevent kennel-cough or other contagious diseases, from becoming a problem at your facility?
We do our best to provide a well ventilated, clean facility for all our clients that is disinfected with a pet-safe cleaner every day. All dishes, toys, beds and mats are washed daily.  We have installed a state-of-the art UV air filtration system that is the gold standard for our industry. We do not allow dogs that are obviously ill to join us in daycare. Unfortunately though, despite taking every precaution, we are not able to predict if a dog has had exposure to the virus until a cough develops.

Just like the human flu-virus, kennel-cough is active during certain times of year, and is very contagious. We will do our best to minimize your pet’s exposure to any virus, but with social interaction with others there remains a small risk to your pet. Please discuss preventative measures with your veterinarian.


Where will my dog sleep at night?
Dogs spread out for the night with staff members along with the other overnight guests. Each guest gets their own comfy and clean Kuranda bed. We do have a limited number of private night time dog runs, if your pet prefers to be alone. You may bring your dog’s crate/kennel if you prefer. Please do not bring bedding from home, we provide everything your pet needs for a warm, comfortable stay.

Where will my cat sleep at night?
Cats can choose to sleep in numerous comfy places within their 4 level kitty condo, in our warm, secure Cat Room. Hammocks, round beds, and fuzzy mats are provided for your cat’s comfort. Please do not bring bedding from home for their stay.

Does my cat stay in the Kitty Condo the whole day?
No, not at all, unless you request that they do. Usually, cats take turns out of their spacious 4 level Kitty Condos for hours of play, stimulation, and relaxation in our bright, sunny and secure Cat Room. Cats are fed in their condos and do not share water bowls or litter boxes.

My dog is on a raw food/special diet. Can you accommodate this?
Of course! We’re happy to feed your dog his special diet while he stays with us, whether that means raw food, food from your vet, or home cooked food you have provided for his stay.

How far in advance do I have to book my pet’s stay?
Try to book at least a week in advance for non-holiday periods, and at least a month in advance for holidays. During the Christmas period, we are especially busy and our spots fill up a month or two in advance. However we will do our very best to accommodate requests!

Can I call to check on my pet?
Absolutely! We want to feel comfortable and give you peace of mind that your pet is safe and content while you are away. Feel free to call or email to check on your pet while they are staying with us as often as you like.
780-665-3510 or 

What belongings should I bring for my pet?
Because of our open concept design and commitment to superior care we supply everything for your furry friend, this includes a comfy Kuranda Cot bed, puppy-safe toys, and dishes. If your pet is staying overnight we recommend bringing their own food however, if you would like us to feed our high quality food while your pet stays with us, it is provided for a small extra charge of $2.00 per cup.
If we don’t already have your current vaccination records on file, please bring vaccination records when you drop your pet off or email them to us at

Can I bring treats and bones?
Yes, treats of course! You may bring treats for your pet however, we will provide home-time cookies before they leave for the day as well as bedtime treats before we settle in for the night (subject to dietary restrictions). Please do not bring bones or other chew items with your pet.

Can I pick up my dog or cat after hours?
Although we are with your pet 24 hours a day, for the comfort of our other guests and the safety of our staff, we are unable to accommodate pick-ups outside of our extensive regular business hours. We don’t want to disturb the pets in our care once they are settled for the night!

What to Expect When Your Pet Returns Home After Boarding

Your pet will undoubtedly be very happy to see you after you’ve been away. He will be tired, clean, content and satisfied, and ready to go home with you after an active stay with us at Sublime Cat N’ Canine Ltd.
Following a few simple steps will help ease the transition back to home life.

  1. Active play may make a pet pant a lot and act thirsty. They are probably not really thirsty, as they’ve had plenty of water available at the facility. Provide access to water at home and allow many opportunities for your dog to relieve himself outside once you’re home. 
  2. Food: Get your dog back on his regular home feeding routine as quickly as possible. Your pet may not be as hungry at mealtime as usual for the first day home, this is normal and should be resolved by the next day.
  3. Walk your dog upon arrival home or allow access to a yard area. Excitement may also cause a change in urination or bowel movements outside their normal schedule.
  4. After collecting your cat from the cattery, re-establish home routines and schedules. Make sure to show your cat where her litter box is and feed on her regular schedule. She may hide for a couple of hours until she feels secure again, or may be just up for a long nap in her own bed! Just as they had to adjust to the cattery, they have to adjust to being home again.  
  5. Give your pet some personalized attention—some playtime or sitting and petting or brushing him/her will help them get through the excitement stage and calm down.
  6. Life in the daycare can be very exciting, and some dogs run around barking and playing with other dogs, having a wonderful time. These dogs often leave the facility exhausted but happy, and may sleep a lot the first couple of days at home.
  7. Re-establish home routines by following a normal schedule - it makes your pet feel safe and secure.