Is Your Dog Bored? Lonely? Destructive? Hyper?

​​​​​​​​​​Let them spend the day with us and some furry friends running, playing, and socializing in our 3000 sq ft Edmonton Doggy Daycare facility! Our brand new, clean, spacious Edmonton Dog and Cat Daycare will enrich your dog's or cat's life and they'll be clean, tired, happy, healthy, and content when you come to pick up them after work. We will group dogs according to similar size, temperament, and play style.

Dogs are an incredibly social animal and, just like us, they require contact with friends, physical and mental stimulation, and a social outlet. When left alone they become anxious and destructive and they don't have any other way to release tension, boredom and anxiety except to chew, bark, lick, dig at drywall, tear their bedding, mess in the house, and develop many other unwanted behaviors. Bringing your pup to our beautiful, clean, Edmonton Doggy Daycare will enhance his life and he'll come home to you happy, healthy, and grateful! 

Although most cats don't require quite the same level of socialization, sometimes you may just need a safe, comfortable place for them to stay for the day and attending Kitty Daycare will keep them socialized, stimulated, and content and prevent many unwanted behaviours!

All Dogs and Cats MUST be up to date on vaccinations (vaccination records are required)
All pets must be over 4 months of age and 7 days must have passed after being vaccinated.
All pets must be in good and stable health -  sorry, we are unable to take animals in cones, bandages, or with any contagious condition. We are unable to administer any injected medications (such as insulin, for example). 
Dogs over 8 months and Cats over 6 months of age MUST be Spay or Neutered.
Dogs MUST be good with other dogs and people to come play with us!


  • Full Day: $15​

Full Day (Over 5 hours)

  • 1st Dog:  $25.00
  • 2nd Dog: $21.00

Half Day (Under 5 Hours)

  • 1st Dog:  $18.00
  • 2nd Dog: $15.00

​Daycare Passes

5 Full Days

  • 1st Dog: $114.00 ($22.80/day)
  • 2nd Dog: $88.50 ($17.70/day)

10 Full Days

  • 1st Dog: $215.00 ($21.50/day)
  • 2nd Dog: $160.00 ($16.00/day)

20 Full Days

  • 1st Dog: $377.00 ($18.85/day)
  • 2nd Dog: $308.00 ($15.40/day)

5 Half Days

  • 1st Dog: $81.00 ($16.20/day)
  • 2nd Dog: $73.00 ($14.60/day)

10 Half Days

  • 1st Dog: $147.00 ($14.70/day)
  • 2nd Dog: $120.00 ($12.00/day)

20 Half Days

  • 1st Dog: $266.00 ($13.30/day)
  • 2nd Dog: $215.00 ($10.75/day)

* Please Note: Daycare passes do not expire and can be used whenever you like * 
Add Ons:
Lunches: $2.00/feeding (only if requested by owner)
Treadmilling: $5.75/30 minutes (great for very active dogs or dogs that are trying to lose weight)
Medications: $2.00/administration (pills/liquids) Note: we are unable to administer injected medications


                                                                                                 9860 62 Ave (780) 665-3510​​
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